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Will the images be perfect?


“Perfect” has a lot of connotations, but the term tends to heighten anxiety, as we try to achieve a certain unblemished veneer. But sometimes life’s blemishes are the best part. After all, memories may fade, but a photograph can transport you. In order to evoke emotions, I bring the tools and techniques that will be the framework for your finished photo. As a professional photographer, I do more than shoot the session I’ve been given. Instead, I craft a scene that tells a story. And if that story brings a smile to your lips or a tear to your eyes? Well, I’d say that’s the perfect outcome.


How long will the shoot take?


From a fun lifestyle shoot to extended event coverage, session times will vary. However, I am committed to capturing my clients as they are – with the understanding that children can be fickle and fun and each session has its own feel. That being said, I recommend carving out at least two hours for a lifestyle session.


Also, I always make my families a priority. I try to only schedule one session a day in order to create a flexible setting where you will never feel rushed. Afterall, moods, schedules, and even the weather can be unpredictable so if we need to shift our start time, no problem! 


Do you retain copyright of our photos?

Though all photographers retain copyrights, images are meant to be shared. In our social society, I love to see clients post their pics to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. However, please do credit Jill Baker Photography when you post any images.


Are albums included?


They are not, but not because I don’t love them! Most clients choose to share their images via social media, but I still love looking at prints and the feel of flipping through a photo book. If you feel the same way, we’ll work together to create an album for you and your family to treasure.

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