Hello Winter {Discount} | new york family lifestyle photographer

Baby, it's cold outside! But, did you know winter offers a wonderland for outdoor photography? Here are just a few reasons why:

1. Beautiful Winter Light - The sun appears lower in the sky this time of year, making it softer than the harsh summer sun. We'll put the sun over your shoulder for the most flattering photos.

2. Locations tend to be much less crowded, which is always a plus when trying to capture that perfect shot.

3. Do you want to build a snowman? The ground may be green, but I'm sure Mother Nature has a few storms up her sleeve. Once it arrives, there's nothing better than snow angels, snowball fights, and sledding. Plus, colors (and smiles) really pop against the bright white snow.

Because I think winter is such a great time for photoshoots I am offering $100 off my lifestyle packages during January and February. Let's take a hike, search for fairy houses, wander through your favorite park, check out a farm and, of course, grab some hot chocolate! Cure your family's cabin fever with a fun afternoon outdoors- and photos to savor the season.

ahhh winter light!

making new friends and finding cool natural forts

fairy house supplies!

there is something really special about the beach in the winter

color really pops agains the white snow


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